Kids will swing it round and round with these fun indoor swings

Most of us remember swinging outdoors from an old tire swing that our parents tied up on a big tree in the backyard. However, times have changed and not all of us have the outdoor space that was once plentiful as when we were kids. So if you’re short on outdoor space or a city dweller, try keeping your kids occupied inside the house with a fun swing that’s easy to install and can surely hold up to 2oo lbs. (meaning two toddlers at once won’t be a problem). In fact, you can almost make any swing work indoors with the right space and universal mount kit. It will make for an easy summer to get some work done without having to go to the park every afternoon.

Indoor Swings

From left to right, top to bottom:

Sunburst Swinging Chair, $99, at

Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest, $149.90, at

EKORRE Hanging Seat with air element, $34.99, at

Marrakech Swing Chair, $229, at

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