Koodle Kids turns baby's ultrasound image into a work of art

If you want to see an expecting mom and dad melt, show them their baby’s ultrasound image. Sure, those images may really be a diagnostic tool, but for the pregnant parents, it’s a way to visualize that tiny person before he or she is ever visible to the outside world. Now parents have a new, novel way to display baby’s ultrasound image: as major wall art. Starting at $85, Koodle Kids can take the grainy black and white image and transfer it onto a colorful canvas to display in the nursery or anywhere else a parent wants to proudly show off the baby. The options are almost limitless. You choose the size, the canvas and ultrasound colors, as well as any words you may desire. It also makes a fantastic shower gift.

Koodle Kids Ultrasound Art, from $85, koodlekids.com


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