Lunches, cosmetics and jewelry travel in style with eco-friendly line Blue Avocado XO(eco)

I don’t know about you but even at home my cosmetics and jewelry seem to live in permanent bags. I like to make it easy for me to just grab them and go at a moments notice, which also means my bags get a lot of wear and tear. I’ve also been known to use my kids lunch bags for my own food which can sometimes work and sometimes, I just want my own stuff. Thankfully Lauren Conrad of The Hills fame has come out with a brand new line of eco–friendly lunch, cosmetic and jewelry bags that any mom would love to be seen toting. The eco-friendly line is made from post-consumer bottle fabric from REPREVE and all of the bag styles come in two patterns, tuxedo stripes and sage birds. The bags also come with an impact label showcasing waste avoided carbon footprint and bottles upcycled for each bag. Currently there is about 16 bag styles to choose from including reusable totes, lunch bags, cosmetic bags and jewelry bags, with the promise of more bag styles to come later this year.

Blue Avocado XO(eco) Beauty Clutch, $12.99 – Amazon

Blue Avocado XO(eco) Zip Medium Lunch Bags (6 pack), $19.99 – Amazon

Blue Avocado XO(eco) Lunch Kit, $28.68 – Amazon

Blue Avocado XO(eco) Jewelry Roll, $19.99 – Amazon

Blue Avocado XO(eco) Beauty Kit, $29.99 – Amazon

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