Lavanila launches The Healthy Baby line exclusively at Sephora

lavanilla baby.jpg

Popular prestige beauty brand LAVANILA introduces the first line exclusively for babies and kids at Sephora. 100% natural, chemical free and pediatrician recommended, the line contains 30 vitamins for nurturing baby’s delicate skin for growth.
The line includes:
  • The Healthy Baby Body Wash: contains coconut and vanilla oil along with soothing calendula and noni juice for soft skin. Use on the body and hair. $16
  • The Healthy Baby Lotion: sunflower and vanilla oil make this an ultra-light formulation that absorbs quickly. Calendula and noni juice keep dryness at bay. $15
  • The Healthy Baby Butter: pure shea and cocoa butter puts a stop to any lingering dryness immediately. $14
  • The Healthy Baby Bottom: a 100% natural and fragrance free diaper cream that contains 30 vitamins and minerals to treat the most sensitive of areas. $15
  • The Healthy Baby Block: non-whitening 100% natural SPF 40 coverage protects delicate skin against the entire UVA/UVB spectrum. $20

Available exclusively at

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