Leg protectors to warm and cushion crawling babies

Chubby baby knees serve two purposes. One, they’re absolutely adorable to behold. Two, they provide pretty excellent protection as the baby begins to crawl. Because of that chubby padding, I always thought baby leg protectors were a bit silly, but then I began moving to warm climates where homes were full of wood, tile and even marble flooring. My youngest daughter walked before she crawled seemingly because our tile floors were so hard and cold. Now I’m a huge fan of baby leg warmers and knee pads. While the leg warmer styles below provide just a bit of extra warmth when baby’s legs are uncovered, the knee pads offer an extra layer of padding to soften the contact between floor and knee. Even if your floors are cushy and carpeted, it’s hard to resist the cute fashion statement the leg protectors can make.

leg protectors

Clockwise from left:
Crawlings Knee Pads, $23, crawlings.com
Baby Legs Leg Warmers, $14, diapers.com
Little Giraffe Leggies Leg Warmers 3-Pack, $35, nordstrom.com
Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads, $15, lilmelon.com
Bella Tunno Happy Knees Protective Pads, $8 (sale), lastcall.com

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