Light, airy summertime scarves

As counterintuitive as it may sound, scarves are actually fantastic summertime accessories. Certainly that extra layer is wildly unnecessary walking around in the heat of the day, but when the evening breeze picks up, or when you find those all-too-common frigid over-air conditioned buildings or in a pinch when you need a fast nursing cover, they come in very handy. The key is choosing a light, breezy fabric like linen, gauze or cotton with an equally summery color scheme. Tie it around the handle of your favorite tote and show it off or simply pack it away until you feel the need for another layer to ward off the summer chill.

Echo Design Gauze Stripe Scarf, $29,

echo gauze scarf.jpg
Spun Scarves by Subtle Luxury Electric Scarf, $52,

spun electric gauze scarf.jpg
Linen Scarf, $50,

linen scarf jcrew.jpg
Bright and Bold Linen Blend Scarf, $38,

bold bright linen blend scarf.jpg
Grand Central Crustacean Scarf, $22,

crustacean scarf.jpg
Pompom Scarf by Natural Life, $29,

pompom scarf.jpg

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