Light layers: utility vests

If there is one article of clothing I’ve come to embrace since having children, it’s the t-shirt. The perfect style looks great with jeans or casual skirts, feels comfortable and washes up perfectly. As great as the perfect tee is, however, there are times when it begins to feel like a “momiform” (mom uniform). At this point, it’s time to jazz it up a bit. Easier than a blazer or jewelry, the utility (or safari or military) vest can transform a basic tee into something a little bit cooler and more pulled together. It’s also a manageable light layer for those stores or movie theaters that get a little heavy handed with the air conditioning. The styles featured below are some of your best bets thanks to durability and style, plus the price-points are extremely budget-friendly.

Bar III Sleeveless Utility Vest, $69,

utility vest macys.jpg
Hooded Utility Vest, $28,

f21 hooded utility vest.jpg
Mural Utility Vest, $78,

nord ut vest.jpg
C&C California Linen Safari Vest, $98,

CC safari vest.jpg

Military Concert Vest, $89,

guess military vest.jpg

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