Little luxuries for kids

A doting aunt recently asked me for gift ideas for her young niece. She was open to practically anything, only asking that my suggestions be kid-friendly, out of the ordinary, and a little luxurious. I had never really stopped to think about it, however, luxury kids’ gifts have always been my choice when gifting too. Sure, it’s probably just the reaction of their parents but kids seem to genuinely thrill when opening something fabulously frivolous. Whether you have $20 or $100 to spend, the products below are extra special and totally luxurious whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or just a little unexpected surprise. 

Anja’s Dream Perfume by Boutique de Voile, $40,
This alcohol-free perfume is considered to be the first truly child-safe fragrance.

anjas dream perfume.jpg
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Pear Scented Bubbles, $20,
Available in other scents like violet and mint.

pear bubbles.jpg
Lavender Petal Canopy, $80 (sale),

lavender canopy.jpg
Home Sweet Home Blue Stripe Play Canopy, $69-$139,

canopy boys.jpg
Burberry Kids’ Cashmere-Blend Check Beanie, $55 (sale),
burberry beanie.jpg
Cashmere Bow Hat and Gloves, $48-$50,

cashmere hat and gloves.jpg
Bloch Ballet Flats, $47 (sale),
In three color variations.

bloch flats.jpg
Ralph Lauren Carl Suede Chukka Boots, $60 (sale),

rl chukka.jpg

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