Little Mizz Kit for girls inspires confident minds

It’s summer in my house which means the kids are constantly asking me, “what are we going to do now?”  My daughter is now at the age where she is at school most of the day so being at home requires some forward thinking. This summer I’m trying to channel that thinking into positive energy with the new Little Mizz Kit which offers girls and their parents the opportunity to bond and learn together. Each month a box is delivered to your doorstep featuring instruction cards along with the items needed for each activity listed. The kits each month include a life lesson, health and fitness activity, a craft and a how-to activity. The lessons are created to build self-esteem and confidence through fun activities that can either be done by themselves or with their parents. Past activities have included making a flower crown, how to properly set a table, how to do a tree pose and how to put on a fashion show. Each kit is $29 and a portion of each sale goes to March of Dimes.

Little Mizz Kit

Little Mizz Kit Monthly Subscription Box, $29, at

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