Little super heroes will love heading to school with SuperME Cape Backpacks

If your kids are fans of dressing up and playing superhero all day long this summer, they’re going to be sad come the first day of school when the costume must be put away for another day. But what if there was super secret cape hidden in their backpack…what a great idea that would be. Now that genius idea has come to life with SuperME Cape Backpacks. From the outside it looks like a  normal backpack with a cool design like zebra or camo but at the top there is a hidden pocket where inside is a cape that comes out whenever your child is ready to start playing superhero again. It also includes an eye mask so that the costume is complete. Coming in both boy and girl styles, SuperME Backpacks seem like a perfect way to transition a hesitant child to long days at school.

SuperME Cape Backpacks, $39.90, at 

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