Made in the shade: smart sun covers for baby

When you begin thinking about sun, extreme heat and your baby’s health, it’s common to experience some anxiety. For those of us who char after 5 minutes under the sun’s rays, it’s easy to just consider staying inside with them rather than getting out and enjoying the weather, which isn’t healthy or practical either. A great compromise is the sun shade. Made for nearly every stroller, car seat and carrier on the market, these shades and covers  feature fabrics with built-in SPF, plus they are breathable and cooling despite their enclosed design. And products like the car seat sun cover below keep metal harness buckles cool and comfortable when baby isn’t using the seat. No burns!

Baby Bjorn Suncover for Baby Carrier, $65,

baby bjorn sun cover.jpg
Phil and Ted’s Double Sun & Insect Mesh for Sport Stroller, $60,

phil teds sun cover.jpg
Car Seat Sun Cover, $7,
A great product to keep the seat cool while it’s not in use.

car seat cover.JPG
Sunshine Kids Umbrella Buggy Shade, $22,

stroller umbrella.jpg
Deluxe Trio 3-in1 Stroller and Jogger Sunshade, $44,
Choose full coverage, partial coverage or canopy styling with this shade.

stroller sunshade.jpg
Summer Infant Baby Shade, $30,

baby car seat shade.JPG
Protect-a-Bub Stroller Sunshade, $25,

protect a bub shade.JPG
Protect-a-Bub Car Seat Sunshade, $30,

car seat shade.JPG

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