Make it a DIY Mother’s Day with a gift from

Commercials will tell you that a great Mother’s Day gift involves massages, diamonds…the expensive stuff. While I certainly wouldn’t be one to turn any of that down, what really thrills me each year is what my little one creates all by herself. Each little scribble and mark is really like a time capsule, preserving her thoughts and feelings at the time she created the DIY Mother’s Day gift. Because paper can fade and disintegrate, I’ve been looking for ways to preserve her artwork, and is one of my new favorites. A site that customizes products like wallpaper, fabric, decals, gift wrap and more, Spoonflower makes it easy for you to upload your child’s artwork to create any number of lasting products. Prices are very good, too. The perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift wrap rings in at $15 per roll; wallpaper and decals start at $5 per linear foot; fabric begins at $17.50 per yard. Whether she’s a DIY fan or just loves a few personalized touches around the house, this is a perfect gift idea for moms this year.

DIY Mother's Day

Wallpaper and Decals, $5 per linear foot,
Gift Wrap, $15 per roll,
Fabric, starts at $17.50 per yard,

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