Make every shoe style more comfortable with no-show sock favorites

With boot shafts dipping so low these days, the most “in” ankle boots present some problems when it comes to hosiery. Socks tend to throw the whole look off, yet who wants to go sockless and risk blisters and cold toes? Committed to finding the answer to this wardrobing problem, I took it upon myself to try every option (it seems) on the market. The good news is that there are some excellent no-show sock and sock liner varieties out there. And these no-show styles aren’t just for booties. Most work well with ballet flats and even pumps.

Hue Perfectly Bare Hidden No-Show Socks, $5,
In two colors.

hue no show.jpg
Calvin Klein Shoe Liners, $18/pack of 3,
In three colors.

ck shoe liner.jpg
Apt. 9 Microfiber Liner Socks, $10/pack of 3,
In four colors.

apt 9 liners.jpg
Smartwool Hide and Seek, $39/ pack of 3,
In three colors.

smartwool hide socks.jpg

Keysocks, from $10,
Knee sock-style no-show socks In girls’ and women’s sizes.


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