Make time to accessorize with '90s-inspired Slapper Watches from TKO Orlogi

If you were a child or teenager in the 1990s, there’s good chance you’ll remember slap bracelets. Only fifty cents from a toy vending machine, you could buy one in every color to coordinate with all your floral dresses and grunge flannel shirts. Just like all trends, they’re back, but this time around, they really are cool. TKO Orlogi has taken the slap bracelet concept to new heights to create their new line of Slapper Watches. From a subdued monochromatic black to neon brights, you can (literally) slap on your watch, head out the door and revel in the nostalgia. When you get bored, just change out the watch face with a new bezel and strap from the accessories collection.

Slapper Watch, $50,

Black with Black Trim Slapper Watch.jpgOrange Slapper Watch.jpg

Slapper Watch Accessory Pack, $35,    

Slapper Watch Accessory Pack.jpg

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