Make travel easier with the JourneyBee portable crib

As if traveling with an infant didn’t seem hard enough, once you get to your destination, you have the added worry of finding adequate sleeping arrangements. Relatives rarely keep cribs on hand and many hotel cribs seem sketchy at best. One of the  newest portable cribs on the market seems to solve this problem entirely! The new JourneyBee from features an ultra-easy pop-up design, weighs under 12 pounds and offers baby a soft mattress pad and fleece sheet. On top of that, early reviews from parents are absolutely stellar. And, if you plan to travel by air in the coming months, watch for the JourneyBee Mini that says will be coming soon.

JourneyBee Portable Crib, $149,
Available in 5 patterns/colors.

jb portable.png
JourneyBee Travel Case, $50,

jb case.jpg

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