Making learning easy with wall art from Children Inspire Design

Stuck in a rut with electronic toys and boring cartoon character flash cards? Why not freshen up the learning routine and your wall decor with beautiful and eco-friendly wall posters and cards from Children Inspire Design. Available in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Dutch and Thai, the 5X7 wall cards are modeled after vintage picture books and help children learn how to count, their ABCs, manners like ‘Love Your Family‘, and farm animals. The wall posters are sized 11X14 and offer alphabet learning with letters paired with a corresponding picture, or perhaps a more environmental message is more your style with the Compassion wall poster with messages of compassion for the place you live. Whichever learning style you choose, you can be sure that the cards can be hung up in the bathroom, bedroom or playroom and never look out of place!
spanish on tree.jpg
english alphabet-low res_0.jpg
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