Making Legos last longer with Pleygo

If you have kids, then you probably have Legos in your house. Tons of Legos. However, once the project is built sometimes the kids are done with the Legos and want to move on to the next set. Problem is: they’re expensive and take hours to build. Pleygo is a new rental and sharing service for Legos that allows you and your kids to build a wish list of the sets you want to build and they soon show up on your doorstep for unlimited playtime fun. There are currently two plans for the service, option one is $14.99 per month and you get one set at a time and can return at anytime or option two is $9.99 per set you order and you can have it for four weeks before returning. When you are ready to return, you just drop it into the pre-paid postage envelope and wait for your next set to come in the mail. As a Pleygo member, you can also earn “points” to swap for Lego sets by sending in any unused Lego sets you may already have (think…the same two sets they got for the holidays that can’t be returned). New sets are being added every day and includes the popular Lego Friends sets, Lego Star Wars sets and even Lego Duplo sets. For more information on how to sign-up visit,
Pleygo Lego Subscription Service, $9.99-$14.99 per month, at

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