Manicures last a week with CND Vinylux

I love to get my nails done but what I don’t love that the minute I wash a dish, the polish starts to chip away. Now there’s a new type of nail polish by CND, Vinylux, that lasts the whole week long and promises to be chip-free by the end of it. More powerful than a regular nail polish but not as tough as a gel polish, Vinylux includes a base-coat and a top-coat within so it eliminates the need for anything more than just itself. The polish is also easily removable at home with acetone-based remover, which makes it more DIY-friendly than the gels that need to be removed in the salon. Coming in a variety of traditional and bright colors, this may be the next best thing in manicures for moms that can’t get away from washing dishes.

CND Vinylux Nail Polish, $7.09, at 

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