Maternity and post-pregnancy must-have: Belly Bandit B.D.A. Pant

With only eleven weeks to go until baby makes their appearance into the world, I’m just now beginning to feel the pinch that my jeans and pants are no longer wearable and all I want is a little bit of comfort. Thank goodness for Belly Bandit’s B.D.A. Pant which are made of soft bamboo and make you feel like you’re a zillion pounds lighter than you really are. Standing for Before. During. and After, the B.D.A. pant is also the one thing you will definitely keep in your closet post-pregnancy because they are so comfortable and will maintain their perfect fit and shape. Available in black, grey and brown, it’s a definite must-have for maternity wear and just lazy Sunday afternoons!

Belly Bandit B.D.A. Pant, $69.95, at

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