Measure your child's foot accurately at home with the Foot Fairy app

When you have a rambunctious toddler, a trip to the shoe store can be one of the last places you want to head with her. Shopping online is much easier but then there’s the concern of measuring growing feet and ordering the correct size. Enter Dr. Sylvie, a podiatrist, mother of two and creator of the Foot Fairy app for iPad. Thinking it was too good to be true, I tested it out last week with my own child. A shoe store employee measured her as a toddler size 10 1/2, then we came home to test the app. Despite the fact that the child can’t stand on the iPad device while being measured, it was still right-on at a size 10 1/2. Even better, the app takes an adorable footprint image of your little one’s foot. You can email that image to yourself as a keepsake or email to doting grandparents. When you’re finished measuring, the app gives you the option of shopping the measured size right on It’s the best $2 I spent last week.  

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