Modern baby clothes with a retro twist from Little Hip Squeaks

When shopping for baby clothes, most of us have two priorities: the styles must be cute and they absolutely must be comfortable. It’s shocking how many outfits miss the mark on one of those musts. This is not the case with the incredibly cool brand Little Hip Squeaks. Based in Brooklyn (naturally), Little Hip Squeaks uses only non-toxic, water-based inks on comfortable cotton blend fabrics to create some of the most modern, yet retro-inspired baby clothes around. Their spring line–full of lilac, ivory and charcoal shades–launched just last week. Based upon the darling designs and the buzz surrounding it, you’d better shop it while you can because it’s selling out fast.
little hip squeaks baby clothes

Image on left:
The Tunic Dress in Plum Rosette, $31,

Images on right, left to right:
The Cozy Romper in Frosted Lilac, $27,
The Knotted Headbands — Julia Collection, $33,
The Every Mess Cloth, $17/set of 2,
The Cozy Slouch Beanie in Charcoal Stripe, $15,

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