Mommy and me manicures made easy with Kiss Nail Strips

Painting nails with mom is so much fun…but also messy. I for one am not very good at painting my own nails, let alone letting my seven year old get a hold of the nail brush and then her patience for letting the polish dry isn’t nearly long enough. However, our mommy and me manicure time has been saved by the genius Kiss Nail Dress Strips. Merely a sticker that applies to the top of your nails ( which you can make fit little or big nails) and then instead of cutting it, you file each sticker down for a perfect fit. The Kiss Nail Strips come in a variety of fun designs and you can apply it to the whole nail or use just the top to create a “french manicure” with the designed strips. It cuts down on the mess of polish and still is a fun time had by all with cute nails to match.

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