Nail products perfect for the mom on the go

Pressed for time? No need to fear! Driving your kids to basketball practice, music lessons and after-school activities doesn’t mean your nails can’t still look their best. Luckily, there are a bunch of products out there that are just perfect for the mom on the go.

Seche-Vite-Top-Coat.jpgSo you actually had the time to do your nails, but now you have to rush out the door in three minutes and they’re not dry yet! Enter Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Swipe this on and your nails will be completely dry in three minutes flat, guaranteed. $6.99 at

Creative-Nail-Design-Glossing-Buffer-Block.gifGive your nails a treat with Creative Nail Design Glossing Buffer Block. This four-sided buffer brings a high-gloss shine to the nails without any base or top coats required! $3.10 at

Crabtree-&-Evelyn-La-Source-60-Second-Fix-Manicure-set.jpgGot 60 seconds? That’s all you’ll need for Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source 60 Second Fix Manicure Set for Hands. This two-product set includes an exfoliator and a hand cream that give you baby soft skin in just one minute! $30 at

Zoya-Hurry-Up-Drying-Drops.jpgHelp! You had time to do the manicure, but now you’re running out the door and don’t want to smudge your nails! Sounds like it’s Zoya Hurry Up Drying Drops to the rescue! Simply fill the dropper, apply one drop to each nail, and voila! Completely dry nails in just seconds. $16 at

Sally-Hansen-Color-Quick-Chrome-Pen.jpgGive your nails a flash of bright color in, well, a flash! We love Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens. Twist up, let the color fall onto the brush, then sweep across your nails for quick, easy color. Best of all, it dries almost instantly! $7.79 at

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