Naptime and sleepovers are easier (and more fun) with Napbags from OC Daisy

Exhausted parents relish the idea of getting a mid-day nap. Exhausted toddlers, on the other hand, fight that nap any and every way they can. With their themed Napbags, OC Daisy may be the answer to this age-old problem. Although they can’t do much to guarantee a nap for mom and dad, their sweet sleep kits may be all the incentive a little one needs to rest. Made for kids 3 years and older, Napbags are foldable sleep mats that feature an attached pillow and pocket for pajamas or other necessities. When naptime is over, the Napbag folds into an easy-to-carry bag. It’s a great idea for all those upcoming family daytrips and visits to grandma’s.     

Napbags, $70,
Available in 6 prints and 16 themes.

napbag together.jpgnapbag pocket.jpgnapbag unfolded.jpg

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