Digi Time Capsule Necklaces are memory keepers for expectant and new moms

Expectant and new moms are too busy these days to think about scrapbooking and preserving memories, but with the Digi Time Capsule, all those moments can be captured in a flash. A USB flash drive that is. This multi-tasking accessory comes in the form of a USB drive hidden in a necklace and is pre-loaded with a pregnancy journal or baby book. All you need to do is unlock it and load it into your computer’s USB drive and start typing away. This little timesaver is stylish and will keep all your memories safe and sound. 
My Baby Book Crystal Heart Digi Time Capsule, $51.50 at digitimecapsule.com
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My Pregnancy Crystal Baby Foot Digi Time Capsule, $49.95, at digitimecapsule.com.

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