Nine months of pregnancy fitness from Tracy Anderson's The Pregnancy Project

For those of us who are pregnant, this is one new year that won’t come with that pesky resolution to lose weight. That being said, we aren’t completely out of the woods. Exercise during pregnancy is not only helpful for maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight, it’s also great for managing stress and for strengthening. One of our favorite trainers, Tracy Anderson, recently released her latest fitness system: The Pregnancy Project. Featuring nine DVDs, this fitness regimen is tailored to the needs and constraints of each month of pregnancy. We may not look like Gwenyth Paltrow immediately after giving birth but regularly using this set is sure to help us feel a little more comfortable and a lot more confident.

The Nine Month Stretch Kit by Tracy Anderson, $75,
This Mama Mio exclusive comes with The Pregnancy Project DVD set, Boob Tube bust firming cream, Tummy Rub Butter and Lucky Legs cooling serum.


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