Nourishing children's hair care from CD4Kids by Carol's Daughter

Curly hair is gorgeous, but it’s not exactly care-free. Especially when you’re an active kid (like my own daughter), those curls tangle and frizz despite all the styling we do each morning. Formulated for and love by many curly-haired adults, Carol’s Daughter is a go-to for hair care that makes curls and waves manageable and lovely. With the launch of their new kids’ line, CD4Kids, our little ones can reap the same benefits of the original line. From shampoo to conditioner to detangler, every product is nourishing and gentle on hair so everyone in the house can have a great hair day.

CD4Kids Detangler, $12,

cd detangler.jpgCD4Kids Shampoo, $12,

cd shampoo.jpg
CD4Kids Conditioner, $12,

cd conditioner.jpg
CD4Kids Trio, $29,

cd trio.jpg

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