Nuna Leaf: the bouncer that grows with your child

As indispensable as they are, baby bouncers and swings have drawbacks. First, there’s the investment–$100 or more for an item baby will use a few months at most. Second, when baby is finished with them, you’re stuck with a large and suddenly useless product taking up space. One of the latest bouncer/swings on the market, the Nuna Leaf, alleviates some of this. Although it is still an investment, the Leaf comfortably and safely accommodates children from newborn up to 130 pounds. In the beginning, strap baby into the organic cotton-covered seat and allow them to sway to sleep. As kids get older, the Leaf becomes a fun bouncer and, later, a great seat for relaxing. The Leaf also locks into a stationary position if little ones get a little too rambunctious.

Nuna Leaf, $220,

nuna navy leaf.jpg

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