Nursing-friendly surplice tops

Either because of poor design or poor fit, many nursing top styles really aren’t that appealing to breastfeeding moms. Between varying layers that have to be pulled and pushed for access and sizing that is either too big or too small for the post-partum body, it’s often easier to shop non-nursing styles. In terms of convenience and comfort, there is really nothing better than the surplice neckline. The crossover (either mock or functional) styling makes nursing a breeze, plus it skims and visually slims waist for a little figure flattery. Who doesn’t love that?  

Ella Moss Metallic Surplice Top, $128,

ella moss surplice.jpg
Sparkle and Fade Surplice Collared Shirt, $49,

sparkle surplice top.jpg
Surplice Top, $74,

whbm surplice.jpg
Lanston Asymmetrical Surplice Top, $105,

lanston surplice.jpg
Chaus Colorful Rings Faux Wrap Top, $44,

chause rings wrap shirt.jpg

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