Orange you glad: NARS Wonder Lip Gloss

NARS-Wonder-Lip-Gloss.jpgWe know, we know–orange lips are pretty scary. But what if the orange is toned down in lipgloss form? Does that change your mind at all? It sure changes ours, especially when it’s in the form of NARS Wonder Lip Gloss.

We’ve long loved all things NARS, but we’re especially fond of the lipglosses. We love how slick they make our lips look, and the fact that they’re not sticky or tacky definitely makes them hold a special place in our heart.

And Wonder? We’re IN wonder at this amazing shade! It’s just the right amount of orange to add color to your pout without looking crazy or over the top. The combination of pink and gold shimmers adds a glamorous touch. Such a fun, juicy shade for summer!

NARS Wonder Lip Gloss retails for $24 at

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