Ordinary People Change the World: a series of children’s books from Brad Meltzer

Just days ago, my five-year-old remarked, “It would be great if superheroes were real.” It never occurred to me at the time to start a discussion on real people who have done heroic things. Ironically, that was the same day I read about author Brad Meltzer’s new series of children’s books. The small-but-growing collection called Ordinary People Change the World features age-appropriate children’s books, each focused upon the biography of one inspiring, heroic real-life person. Offering two biographies at this time–Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln–each book has cool, modern illustrations and puts a fun spin on a history lesson that could otherwise feel dry to young readers. And in addition to great children’s books, the website is a great resource for printables and activities.

I am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer, $9, bn.com

amelia earhart book

Ordinary People Change the World children’s book series

I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer, $9, bn.com

abe lincoln book

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