Organize and preserve kids' artwork with Artimus Art

Watercolor, pencil, crayon…no matter the medium, kids love to create. And, as parents, we usually just can’t stand the thought of tossing their artwork into the recycling bin, which leads to piles upon piles of kid art hidden around the house. Scanning it all into the computer is one fix for the mountain of creativity, but that requires a significant time investment on a parent’s part. For both the time savings and the quality, Artimus Art is one of the best options I’ve seen. Offering museum quality photo books, an image gallery for sharing, high resolution artwork DVDs and even the option of turning artwork into oil on canvas, Artimus Art is quick and easy. Just sign up for the service, pick your package and any additional add-ons, then box up and ship your child’s artwork to them. Artimus Art does the rest. Package prices start at around $165 and parents can save an additional10% with the multi-child discount.

Artimus Art Museum Quality Art Book Packages, $165-$285 (add-ons from $35),


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