Pamper baby's delicate skin with all-natural products from Babytime by Episencial

Just by the nature of their newness, all babies have delicate skin. Some, however, are extremely sensitive, making the most common baby bath products irritating. It took all of one bath for me to find out my newborn is one of the sensitive types. After trying several samples (and treating several rashes), I finally found Babytime by Episencial and it’s now our one and only at bathtime. Allergy-tested, organic, gluten free, cruelty free…each product is gentle and effective, plus the scent is either neutral or very light and pleasant depending upon the product and it’s formulation. It’s also great for our own skin as we bathe our little ones.

Skin Care Bundle, $34,

babytime set.jpg
Cheeky Salve, $8,

cheeky salve.jpg
Massage Serum, $15,

massage serum.jpg
Sunny Sunscreen, $15,

sunny sunscreen.jpg

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