Part toy and part furniture, build it together with Jekca

If you and your kids have already mastered many, many Lego sets together, perhaps it’s time to branch out and go for the big time…say a life-size kid chair or perhaps a side table that they can use in their room to store books?! If DIY is your thing then you’ll love the toy-inspired furniture from Jekca, where everything is build it yourself (with directions, of course) and is completely useable once it’s finished. The site divides the furniture projects by three levels: Homebuilder Lite, for first time builders; Homebuilder Amateur, for those ready for more of a challenge; and Homebuilder Advance, you’ve mastered the building of toy furniture. Each of the sections has projects like a toddler step stool with storage, a twisted side table, shaped book racks, cabinets, chairs and desks. Available in a variety of colors, these sets will not only help you and the kids bond together, you’re Lego-loving kids will love showcasing this furniture in their room too.

Twisted Side Table (Homebuilder Lite series), $122, at 
Toddler Step Stool with Storage (Homebuilder Lite), $122, at
Cabinet/Tree Rack (Homebuilder Amateur), $206, at

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