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Maternity clothing tends to garner more than a few complaints. While it’s true that finding maternity styles that fit well and look stylish can be difficult, finding outstanding nursing-friendly clothing styles can be even harder. Most brands factor a bump into the cut of their nursing tops and dresses, despite the fact that many of us nurse long after we’ve returned to our normal pre-pregnancy size. Thankfully someone gets it, and that someone is BU RU. Nothing at is your traditional nursing fare. It’s all ready-to-wear looks that adapt to the needs of breastfeeding mothers. Everything from the brand list to the styles offered is tightly edited so you know you’re only seeing truly workable, fashionable clothing. If you’re looking for inspiration, the BU RU lookbooks are entertaining and inspiring all on their own. Although prices can be a bit steep, the styles are fashion-forward but classic enough to carry you through your baby’s nursing stage and beyond.

nursing-friendly clothing

Left to right:
Corey Crystal Crossover Top & Vira Pants, $158-$196,
Niki Biki Cropped Camisole, $10,
David Lerner Cropped Sweatshirt Jacket, $220,

nursing-friendly clothing

Left to right:
Cake Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra, $50,
Rachel Pally Mini Caftan Dress, $212,
Ace & Jig Reversible Duo Robe, $265,

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