Photo op: capture kids’ smiles every time with Shutter Huggers

My 5-month-old has the most gorgeous, infectious smile in the world. Put a camera in front of her, though, and the smile instantly disappears while she studies that “thing” taking her picture. With the holiday season coming up, I have racked my brain for ways to trick her into smiling for all the upcoming photo ops. Something tells me that Shutter Huggers are going to do the trick. Designed to fit smartphones (Shutter Hugger Minis), DSLRs (Shutter Huggers) and point-and-shoots (Shutter Hugger Mommies), the cute little animal and elf creatures fit securely on your photo device, giving little ones something fun to focus upon rather than the camera itself. The Shutter Hugger Minis also fit on tablets and video devices, which is fantastic if you’re like me and grab the iPad Mini as often as you grab the DSLR.

Shutter Huggers has graciously extended a 10% Shutter Hugger Mini discount to all readers. Add your choice of Mini to your cart and enter sbmoms at checkout!

Shutter Hugger Minis, from $15,
Fits smartphones, tablets and portable video devices.

Shutter Huggers, from $15,
Perfect for DSLR cameras and smartphones.

Shutter Hugger Mommies, $16,
Designed to fit the lenses on point-and-shoot cameras.


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