Pierce-free earrings for kids from bINK'd

To pierce or not to pierce? It’s a question that most parents have to address eventually. When my own three-year-old daughter saw a little girl with earrings a few days ago, she asked if she could have some, too. At least at her age I’m on the ‘not to pierce’ side, so finding bINK’d pierce-free temporary tattoo earrings was pretty exciting. Made from FDA-approved vegetable inks, bINK’d earrings go on in 30 seconds with a cotton ball dipped in water. Although they are advertised to last up to one week, a little baby oil or hand sanitizer will remove them immediately. And if you just don’t like the idea of adornment on your child’s ears, the temporary earring tattoos also work as nail decals and can even be applied to doll’s ears for play. In glitter, seasonal and even glow-in-the-dark styles, your child is sure to find a look she loves, making it easy for you to put off the ear piercing debate a bit longer.

Pierce-Free Temporary Tattoo Earrings, $6 for six pairs, binkdkids.com

binkd_095es.jpgbINKd Gift Packs, $28, binkdkids.com


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