Post-Cesarean underwear for tender tummies

After most surgical procedures, you come home to rest, recuperate and get pampered by your loved ones. After a c-section, on the other hand, it’s a whole different story. There’s another (helpless) person in the equation who needs even more care despite the fact that you’ve undergone major surgery. There’s no getting around the soreness and discomfort but both Czela Bellies and C-Panty are on your side. Very much like traditional panty styles, both brands include materials like silicone and padding that treat your incision and add a layer of protection between that area and clothing. You may not be able to take it easy but a post c-section panty may keep you comfortable during those first few months.   

Blue/Yellow Paisley with Ultralux Lining, $35,
Features a soft, padded panel that puts an extra layer between waistbands and the c-section incision.

czela blue paisley.jpg
Black/White with Ultralux Lining, $35,

czela black and white.jpg
C-Panel Classic Panty, $37.50,
Features silicone to treat the c-section scar, as well as light compression for swelling and tenderness. Best used from birth up to 6-months post-partum.

cpanty bikini.jpg
TummyCut Seamless Panty, $47.50,
A style with silicone to treat the scar and moderate shaping for support. Best for recovery and post-baby.

c panty nude full.jpg

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