Preschool graduation gift ideas for your little graduate

Until this year, I was one of those moms who rolled her eyes when other parents were scrambling to buy preschool graduation gifts and plan parties. Really, pre-K graduation amounted to a mortar board, a typewritten diploma and a few snapshots back in my day. Seeing my daughter’s excitement at the thought of leaving preschool and entering kindergarten softened me up just a bit. Although I’m not a fan of elaborate gifts for such an occasion, I do think it’s worth marking the milestone. Books and educational toys top my own list of preschool graduation gift ideas. The products featured below may not be as exciting as a trip to Disney or a new pony (both on my daughter’s short list of gift ideas), but they’re meaningful, thoughtful presents a little one will enjoy long after they’ve left preschool for the summer.

preschool gift ideas

Disney Reading Adventures Level 1, $10,
Oh, the Places You’ll Go Pop-Up by Dr. Seuss, $21,
The Night Before Kindergarten with Stickers by Natasha Wing, $6,
The Young Scientists Series Set 4, $26,
Preschool Graduate Stainless Water Bottle, $19 (sale),
ABCs to SATs Memory Book, $17,

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