Preserve your family's memories with Project Life by Becky Higgins

The idea of scrapbooking is so attractive–all your most cherished photos organized and detailed in one safe, manageable place. In practice, however, it’s an incredibly time-consuming, expensive, messy undertaking, which explains why many of us have unfinished scrapbooks hidden in a closet somewhere. If you want to finish that neglected scrapbook project or are resolving to get some control over your photos in the new year, Project Life by Becky Higgins may be your answer. Forget multiple trips to the craft store. Just choose a binder, a core kit and photo pocket pages, then add your own photos and journaling. Keep it simple or get wildly creative. It’s all up to you. 

Project Life Core Kit–Turquoise Edition, $25,
project life core kit.jpg
Project Life Binder–Amber Edition, $20,
project life binder.jpg
Photo Pocket Pages–Design B, $7,
photo pocket pages.jpg
Project Life Cardstock–Cobalt Collection, $8,
project life cardstock.jpg

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