Properly prepare your winter wardrobe for spring & summer storage

In your haste to change your closet over from winter to spring clothing, you may be tempted to toss those wool sweaters and snow boots under the bed or in a dark closet corner and forget about them until next fall. Taking a few easy steps now, though, to preserve those items will pay off in spades when you are ready to pull them out once again. Your first step? Properly wash or clean everything to guard against permanent stains and moths. From there, it’s all about preservation and storage. The items featured below will help garments and boots stay fresh and will maintain their shape, protecting your wardrobe investment for seasons to come.

Boot Stand, $10,
These rigid stands allow air to circulate while maintaining the overall shape of your boots.
boot stand.jpgCedar Fresh Value Pack, $14.99,
In multiple sizes and shapes, cedar blocks will ward off destructive moths.
cedar pack.JPGReal Simple Cedar Insert Storage Bags, $25/set of 2,
These cotton canvas bags allow air to circulate and prevent moth damage.
cedar insert bags.JPGMoth Sachet, from $3.50,
Stored in drawers or in the closet, these sachets deter moths and deodorize with a pleasant scent.
moth sachet.jpgKeep It Dry Dehumidifier, $4,
Especially if you live in areas with high humidity, you’ll want one of these in every closet to keep your wardrobe fresh and dry.
dehumidifier.jpgAcid-Free Tissue Paper, $5.50,
Place this tissue paper between sweaters and over embellishments to protect while these items are in storage.

tissue paper.jpg

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