Protect their eyes with cool shades from Babiators

Discount stores to department stores, there’s no shortage of sunglasses available for babies and kids this time of year. But not all shades are created equal. The effect of UV damage on eyes is cumulative, meaning that damage done as a child is just as bad as that caused as an adult. Before you choose that cute pair from the dollar bin, consider a cool and protective style like those from Babiators. Babiators sunglasses are designed like classic aviator sunglasses and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. They are also BPA-free. Choose from nine colors and two sizes.

Princess Pink, $20,

pink princess babiators.jpg
Limelight Lime, $20,

limelight lime.jpg
Black Ops Black, $20,

black ops black 3-7.jpg

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