Put Santa in your own living room with Capture the Magic photos

If you celebrate Christmas, you probably also welcome Santa Clause every December 24. From a robust “ho, ho, ho” shouted up the stairs to demolishing a plate full of sugar cookies in the middle of the night, you also probably go to some great lengths to preserve your kids’ belief in Santa. If you’re looking for some new proof this year, or just want to up your game–big time–check out Capture the Magic. Using your own camera and computer, just take a photo of your room of choice, upload it at CapturetheMagic.com, choose and place a Santa figure, then download and print your photograph. Even if your kids are a bit old for Kris Kringle, you’ll still have a great time creating one of these cool holiday mementos.

Capture the Magic Photo, $9.95 for 3 photos, capturethemagic.com

capture the magic.jpg

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