Put their names in lights with fun personalized products for kids

From ink pens to sippy cups, kids love to see their name on things. Luckily, personalized items are pretty easy to find. Easy, that is, unless you have an uncommon name or have a name with an uncommon spelling. I was one of those kids (Courtney was not common at all in the late ’80s). While it wasn’t the end of the world that I didn’t have bright personalized pencils on my first day of school each year, I did feel kind of left out. This is why it is so exciting that you can now find personalized products for any name with just a few keystrokes. No more feeling left out!

Personalized Sippy Cup, $17-$19, monogramchick.com

sippy cup monogram chick turq with yellow polka.jpg
Personalized Pencil Pouch, $15, monogramchick.com
(Available with a monogram or with a full name)

monogram chick chocolate giraffe pencil pouch copy.jpg

Personalized Gel Pens, $9.95 for a set of 6, identitydirect.com

Personalized Pens.jpgPersonalized Growth Chart, $14.99, identitydirect.com
Licensed character growth charts are also available!

Growth Chart.jpgPersonalized Placemat, $9.99-$13.99, identitydirect.com
From Disney to Sesame Street, you’ll find tons of licensed character themes!

Personalized Placemat.jpg
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