Record baby’s firsts with the StrangeBirdyStudios Milestones Poster

Baby books are practically public enemy #1 when it comes to creating anxiety for parents. Most moms and dads are too busy taking care of baby, housework and work in general to find time to fill out the pages upon pages of information, then they feel like bad parents for failing to keep the book up to date. With so many alternate options for recording milestones, we say cut yourself some slack. One of the coolest new milestone records is the Milestones Poster from StrangeBirdyStudios. Similar in design to a modern infographic, the Milestones Poster offers 30 fields to record first words, dates, places visited…everything you might want to remember. When the first year is finished, the poster can either be framed or simply put away in a safe spot. Choose from aqua or white backgrounds.

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