Retro kids' toys they'll love getting and you'll love gifting

For most kids this time of year, creating that all-important wishlist is serious business. With each toy commercial on TV or as each toy catalog pops into your mail or in-box, the list changes and morphs. While you probably do want to gift them with something they really want, it’s equally enjoyable to find that special wildcard gift that they aren’t expecting but will adore nonetheless. For this type of present, consider checking out the retro toys featured below. Sans batteries and computer chips, these simple products cultivate creativity and imagination. They may just be the best gifts your kids never knew they wanted.  

Colorforms, $35,

Ridley’s Magic Tricks, $25,

ridleys  magic set.jpg
ABC Retro Tin Chime, $20,

tin chime.jpg
Retro Safe, $29,

Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Edition Set, $38 (sale),

lincoln logs.jpg
Hoppity Ball, $24,

hoppity ball.jpg
Classic Etch A Sketch, $12,

etch a sketch.jpg
Radio Flyer Tricycle, $79,

radio flyer trike.jpg
Storkcraft Rocking Horse, $50,

rocking horse.jpg

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