Retro-style swimwear for moms and moms-to-be

No matter whether you boast a flawless body or prefer to camouflage a few trouble spots, there are times when a slightly modest swimsuit feels more appropriate (hello, office swim party). Finding the perfect suit for such occasions can be harder than it sounds. It has to stay in place while chasing kids, perform as intended in the water and show off your figure’s assets all at the same time. For this dilemma, it’s a smart idea to go retro. In one or two-piece options, the swimwear featured below looks a bit sexy but doesn’t reveal anything you wouldn’t want your boss (or your kids’ friends) to see. And if you’re pregnant, styles like these are perfect as you progress from trimester to trimester. 

Tube Tankini and Swim Skirt, from $30,

whbm dot swim.jpg
Tidal Stripes Maillot, $158,

tidal stripes maillot.jpg
Retro Bikini Bottom ($34) and Retro Tankini Top ($44),

retro tankini and bottom boden.jpg

Maternity Retro Swimsuit, $78,

boden retro maternity suit.jpg
Black Maternity Swimsuit, $32,

topshop black mat retro suit.jpg
Liz Lange for Target Maternity Bandeau, $25,

liz lange rainbow mat top.jpg

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