Save time and money with Wittlebee, baby and kids clothing club

If a trip to the mall doesn’t sound like a good time and sitting down at the computer is just out of the question, there’s help for you. Wittlebee is a new subscription-based monthly service that delivers baby and kids clothing direct to your doorstep. For $39.99 a month, you get eight different pieces of clothing that are selected for you based on your child’s size, style personality, color preference and what you’re currently in need of (pants, long-sleeves, dresses, etc.). The five different style personalities include: princess, preppy, hippie, diva and sporty and clothes are available in sizes newborn (0) to size 5. While you’re able to pause or cancel your membership at anytime, you can also change your style and size preferences so one month you can get a box tailored for daughter and the next month, your son. What a great way to save time and your child will be delighted to open up a new box of clothes each month (as will you too)!
Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club, $39.99 per box per month, at

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