Save time & money with diaper trial pack services

Before baby, all diapers tend to look the same. They serve the same purpose after all, so it would only stand to reason that there aren’t major differences. Then our little ones clue us in to the fact that one top-rated brand may work well for one baby but then fail miserably on another, leaving us with expensive full packages of diapers we’ll never use. Two companies are making things a little easier for parents now with easy, affordable diaper trial pack services. For those who prefer disposables, is garnering rave reviews with packs that include brand name, eco-friendly/low-chemical and store-brand diaper samplers. Parents who prefer cloth will love, which allows you to sample and thoroughly test a variety of cloth diapers for a full 21 days. And both deliver right to your door. 

Diaper Dabbler Diaper Sample Packs, $18-$29,

name brand diaper sampler.jpg
Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Cloth Diaper Sampler, $154.54,
Return the diapers after 21 days and Jillian’s Drawers refunds you $134.54.


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