Serenity Star: nursery multi-tasking at its best from aden + anais

Anyone who has ever been a new mom knows that sleep is a hot commodity. Even when baby is actually sleeping, there are any number of things that can keep you up, and usually the biggest culprit is worry. Although aden + anais can’t actually get you or baby back to sleep, their new Serenity Star may help out with some of worry at least. The Serenity Star packs a soft nightlight, sound machine, clock, room temperature indicator and feeding diary into one beautiful sculpture. Worried about the temperature? Glance in and see if the indicator is glowing blue (cold), red (hot) or white (ideal temperature). Can’t remember how long baby fed or from which breast? It will all be in the feeding diary. It’s just a little peace of mind that can go a long way during those sleepless nights. 

Serenity Star, $90,

serenity star.jpg

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